๐ŸงทIn-Game Rules

Here are the regulations we expect you to follow while playing on MinePiece.

The rules are subject to change at any time without notice, so please check them regularly.

Part I : Players

Article A : Responsibilities

  • It is forbidden to lend/give your account/password to a third party.

  • Your username must be respectful and should not reference insults, politics, or any form of discrimination (racism, xenophobia, homophobia, etc.).

  • In case of a username change, your progress will be lost, and you must submit a ticket to recover it.

Article B : Discord

  • MinePiece's primary communication platform is its Discord server.

  • For any issues, questions, or suggestions, please visit this platform.

  • Both voice and text support are available on the Discord server.

Article C : Refunds

  • Refunds for lost resources are possible when circumstances justify it.

  • Refunds are processed through tickets on the Discord server.

  • If you lack sufficient evidence, your refund may be denied.

Remember to regularly record videos/photos of your inventory/island/money.

Part II : Gameplay

Article A : Player Interactions

  • Player interactions must be conducted in a kind and respectful and manner.

  • Scams, looting, theft, betrayals, and any actions that may harm the gaming experience of others are prohibited.

If sufficient evidence is provided, the offending player will be penalized, and the victim will be reimbursed.

  • Article B : Forbidden Actions

  • Anti-AFK (water circuit, Auto-Jump, etc.)

  • Disclosure of secret information (Black Market coordinates, Easter Egg, etc.)

  • Selling in-game items for real money

Article C : Redstone Usage

  • "0-tick" factories and flying machines are prohibited.

  • Clocks that are too fast or systems that are extensive and poorly optimized are prohibited.

If your system/machine does not comply with the server rules, it will be removed without a refund.

Article D : Allowed Mods

  • All mods that do not provide advantages over other players, such as:

    • Optifine, Minimap, ReplayMod (Only for recording)

    • Badlion / Lunar / Labymod

    • Schematica (Without printer mode) / Litematica

    • Toggle Sneak/Sprint

Article E : Forbidden Mods

  • Mods that provide an advantage over other players:

    • X-Ray, Fly-Mod

    • Schematica Printer

    • JourneyMap

Article F : PvP and Events

  • Disconnecting during combat is prohibited (You will lose your gear).

  • Abusing glitches are prohibited.

  • Returning to a safe zone during combat is penalized.

Article G : Multi-Accounts

  • Multiple accounts are limited to 1 per user.

  • Playing on a secondary account while the main account is banned, or vice versa, is prohibited.

If multiple individuals are on the same IP, please report it to a MinePiece team member via a ticket.

Article H : AFK

  • After this duration, you will be teleported to the AFK warp.

  • Bypassing Anti-AFK is forbidden.

Article I : Cheating and Glitches

  • Abusing glitches and cheating are prohibited on the server.

  • All mods or external software providing an advantage over other players are forbidden.

  • Macros, Auto-Sell, Auto-Click, Auto-Enchant, and changing the click key are prohibited.

  • Block-breaking is prohibited for harvestable resources (ores, crops, wood, etc.).

Part III : Chat

Article A : General Rules

  • Contesting non-appealable punishments will result in doubling your penalty.

  • The chat is a space for free exchange where discussions take place with respect.

  • The only language allowed is English.

Article B : Message Types

  • The following messages are prohibited:

    • Provocation, Insults

    • Racism, Politics

    • Troll, Obscenity

    • Spam, Flood

    • Begging (asking for items, money, etc.)

Article C : Different Platforms

  • Messages are punishable wherever they are:

    • Public Chat

    • Island Chat

    • Private Messages

    • Signs

    • Books

    • ...

Article D : Advertising

  • Advertising for servers other than MinePiece is prohibited.

  • You must not mention server names.

  • For in-game advertising (PW, shops, sales, events, etc.), you must wait 10 minutes between each message.

Article E : Absence of Staff

  • If you witness an infraction, feel free to take a screenshot.

  • The screenshot must be complete with date, time, context, etc.

  • Any abuse of reporting or falsified evidence will result in punishments.

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