Island Values

Here you will find all the information about island values.

As we have seen, an island has a certain value depending on the items placed on it.

This value determines its ranking compared to other islands on the server. The higher the value, the higher the island's rank.

It is important to note that the island ranking is reset every month to give each crew a chance to access it.

In this section, we will see how to gain island values.

To access the list of valuable items on the server, you can enter the command /is values.

The items listed here are those that provide the most island values per item.

Now let's move on to a detailed list of items that contribute to island values.


As you can see in the /is values menu, items are crucial if you want to climb the ranking.


Bronze Berry


Silver Berry


Gold Berry


Platinum Berry


Demonic Berry


Treasure Chest

To deposit valuable items in your treasure chest and improve your island's value, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your island.

  2. Click on the treasure chest.

A menu will open, offering two distinct options:

  • The first button will allow you to access the list of items currently in your island's value bank.

  • The second will redirect you to /is values to view the different items available to increase your island's value.

If you want to move your treasure chest, you can do so with the command /is chestmove.

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