Island Settings

Here are some explanations regarding island settings.

To manage your island to your liking, you have the option to modify various settings.

To modify a setting, simply enter the command /is settings.

When you enter the settings management command, a menu will open. This menu consists of 1 page to ensure complete management of your island.

To assist you in managing settings, we will later see the list of these and their effects.

To enable/disable a setting, simply click on it.


Here is a detailed list of the settings present on each page of the menu.

Setting : Available on MinePiece

Setting : Unavailable on MinePiece

Here are the settings offered on the menu page:

  • Eternal Day: Allows enabling/disabling eternal day on your island.

  • Eternal Morning: Sets noon as the time on your island.

  • Eternal Night: Allows enabling/disabling eternal night on your island.

  • Eternal Midnight: Sets midnight as the time on your island.

  • Eternal Rain: Allows enabling/disabling eternal rain on your island.

  • Rain and Wind: Allows enabling/disabling rain and wind on your island.

  • Creeper Explosions: Allows enabling/disabling creeper explosions on your island.

  • Crop Growth: Allows enabling/disabling crop growth on your island.

  • Egg Hatching: Allows enabling/disabling egg hatching by chickens on your island.

  • Endermen: Allows enabling/disabling endermen grief on your island.

  • Fire Spread: Allows enabling/disabling fire spread on your island.

  • Ghast: Unavailable on MinePiece.

  • Lava Flow: Allows enabling/disabling lava flows on your island.

  • Passive Animals: Allows enabling/disabling the spawn of passive animals on your island.

  • Hostile Monsters: Allows enabling/disabling the spawn of monsters on your island.

  • PVP: Allows enabling/disabling PVP on your island.

  • Passive Animal Spawners: Allows enabling/disabling the operation of passive animal spawners on your island.

  • Hostile Monster Spawners: Allows enabling/disabling the operation of hostile monster spawners on your island.

  • TNT Explosions: Unavailable on MinePiece.

  • Tree Growth: Allows enabling/disabling tree growth on your island.

  • Water Flow: Allows enabling/disabling water flows on your island.

  • Wither Explosions: Allows enabling/disabling Wither explosions on your island.

Settings unavailable on MinePiece are automatically disabled.

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