Island Permissions

Here you will find all the information about island permissions.

To avoid any issues on an island, permissions assignable to roles/players are available.

These permissions can be managed/modified by using the command /is perms to modify perms of a role or /is perms [Username] to modify perms of a player.

In case of permission issues on your islands, we recommend using the command /is perms reset.

When you enter permission management commands, a menu will open. It consists of 2 pages to offer you a complete range of permissions.

To assist you in managing permissions, we will later see the list of these and their effects.

To assign/remove a permission to a player, simply click on them.

For roles, you will need to increase (Right-Click) or decrease (Left-Click) the required role to have the permission.

On an island, the available roles are :

Leader > Co-Leader > Moderator > Recruit > Coop > Guest


Here is a detailed study of the permissions available on each page of the menu.

Page 1

Here are the permissions from the first page of the menu:

  • Feed Animals: Allows feeding animals and breeding them.

  • Attack Animals: Allows harming/killing animals.

  • Shear Animals: Allows shearing sheep/mooshrooms.

  • Spawn Animals: Allows using an egg to spawn an animal.

  • Ban Members: Allows using the command /is ban [Username].

  • Break Blocks: Allows breaking blocks outside of storage.

  • Place Blocks: Allows placing any type of block.

  • Change Name: Allows using the command /is rename [Name].

  • Chest Access: Allows opening storages placed on the island.

  • Drop Items: Allows dropping items on the ground.

  • Ender-Pearl: Allows using Ender-Pearls.

  • Bypass Expulsion: Allows not being expelled from the island.

  • Expel Player: Allows using the command /is expel [Username].

  • Jump on Crops: Allows breaking tilled soil by jumping.

  • Use Bone Meal: Allows using bone meal.

  • Fish: Allows using fishing rods.

  • Fly: Allows flying on the island.

  • Horses: Allows riding horses.

  • Interact: Allows interacting with blocks like redstone, doors, trapdoors, etc.

  • Invite Players: Allows using the command /is invite [Username].

  • Island Chests: Allows opening /is chest island chests.

  • Frames: Allows adding/removing an item from a frame.

  • Kick Member: Allows using the command /is kick [Username].

  • Leashes: Allows using leashes.

  • Hit Monsters: Allows harming/killing monsters.

  • Break Minecarts: Allows breaking minecarts.

  • Hoppers Minecart: Allows opening hopper minecarts.

  • Chests Minecart: Allows opening chest minecarts.

Page 2

Here are the permissions from the second page of the menu:

  • Place Minecarts: Allows placing minecarts.

  • Monster Spawn: Allows using a monster egg.

  • Name-Tag: Allows using a name tag on an animal/monster.

  • Open Island: Allows using the command /is open.

  • Paintings: Allows interacting with paintings.

  • Pick Up Drops: Allows picking up items from the ground.

  • Pick Up Fish: Allows retrieving a fish from a bucket.

  • Promote Member: Allows using the command /is promote [Username].

  • View Ratings: Allows using the command /is ratings.

  • Change Biome: Allows using the command /is biome.

  • Change Spawn: Allows using the command /is sethome.

  • Edit Permissions: Allows using the command /is perms or /is perms [Username].

  • Edit Roles: Allows using the commands /is promote [Username] and /is demote [Username].

  • Edit Settings: Allows using the command /is settings.

  • Remove Ally: Allows using the command /is uncoop [Username].

  • Signs: Allows interacting with and modifying signs.

  • Break Spawners: Allows breaking spawners with Silk Touch.

  • Break Turtle Eggs: Allows breaking turtle eggs.

  • Use: Allows using buttons, levers, etc.

  • Break Valuable Blocks: Allows breaking blocks that yield high island levels (Ores, Beacons, etc.).

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