Here you will find all the information about the different shops.

General Shop

The MinePiece /shop lists a variety of items in different categories, allowing you to buy and sell resources without having to obtain them manually.


  • Farming: Items related to agriculture, such as seeds, plants, and agricultural products.

  • Mob Drops: Items obtained by killing creatures.

  • Blocks: Different types of blocks for construction and decoration.

  • Miscellaneous: Various items, often useful in gameplay.

  • Food: Items to restore player health and saturation.

  • Ores: Mineral resources like iron, gold, diamond, etc.

  • Redstone Components: Redstone components for creating mechanisms.

  • Spawners: Creature generation blocks.

Some items available in the /shop are not directly sellable. They require progressing through different adventure islands to gain access to their sale.

Sales Chest

Creating a Sales Chest on Your Island

If you want to sell items on your island, follow these simple steps to create a sales chest:

  1. Place a Chest: Put a chest on your island at the desired location.

  2. Select the Item to Sell: Hold the item you want to sell in your hand.

  3. Left-Click on the Chest: Left-click on the chest you placed.

  4. Choose the Price: In the chat, you will be prompted to specify the price in Berry for the item you want to sell.

  5. Sales Chest Created: Once you've set the price, the sales chest will be created. Now, you can store the item you want to sell in this chest.

By following these steps, you can establish a sales system on your island, offering other players the opportunity to buy the items you offer.

Auction House

As for the server's Custom Items, they can be bought and sold through the Auction House interface. This interface is divided into several sections:

  • Global: Lists all items for sale in /ah, sorted by the date added.

  • Blocks: Section dedicated to blocks for sale.

  • Weapons and Tools: Groups weapons and tools available for purchase.

  • Spawners: Presents spawners available for sale.

  • Pets: Section dedicated to pet auctions.

  • Devil Fruits: Lists available Devil Fruits.

The two buttons on the sides of the interface allow players to manage their sales first and then retrieve the items they have purchased.

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