๐ŸคšDiscord Rules

Here are the rules we expect you to follow when you talk on Discord.

The rules are subject to change at any time without notice; we encourage you to check them regularly.

Part I : Your Profile

Article A : Profile Pictures

  • Your profile picture should not reference obscene content or politics.

  • Profile pictures must not be offensive towards any individual or group of individuals.

  • Posting personal photographs of a server player to mock them is prohibited.

Article B : Usernames

  • Your username should not reference a historical or political figure.

  • Usernames must start with a character available on the QWERTY keyboard for mentionability.

  • Displaying personal and private information of a player in your username is prohibited.

Article C : Status & Descriptions

  • Your status and description should not reference politics or promote hatred.

  • Links leading to scams are forbidden in your descriptions.

  • Any disrespect towards any person will be penalized.

Part II : Text Channels

Article A : Spam and Conduct

  • Similar to in-game, spam and flood are prohibited.

  • Posting links other than the MinePiece website, server IP, server social media, or crew discord servers is prohibited.

  • Excessively mentioning a role/member is strictly forbidden.

Article B : Behavior

  • You must communicate respectfully with server players.

  • In tickets, any insults, provocations, mockery, or false accusations can lead to punishments, including permanent in-game and Discord bans.

  • Politeness is required, especially when interacting with staff.

Saying "Hello" when opening a ticket will make us more attentive ๐Ÿ˜‰.

Article C : Topics

  • Like your profile, your discussions should not reference politics.

  • You must not disrespect/insult a player.

  • Racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and all other forms of hatred are prohibited.

Part III : Voice Channels

Article A : Behavior

  • As in text, you must remain respectful to other players.

  • Discussion topics are free, but we ask you to consider the age of people present in your voice channel.

  • Limited channels are available if you want to talk privately.

Article B : Prohibitions

  • Soundboards (sound effects, music, etc.) are prohibited.

  • Screaming into your microphone to annoy your voice partners is prohibited.

  • Disclosing personal information in voice is prohibited.

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