Here you will find all the information about fishing.

On MinePiece, fishing is a unique experience. In addition to basic fish, you will have the opportunity to catch exclusive species.

These fish are classified according to different rarities, in the following order:

  • Common (3)

  • Rare (6)

  • Epic (6)

  • Legendary (6)

Common Fish

Common Fish




Rare Fish

Rare Fish



Jashak Fish

Lantern Fish

Macropinna Fish

Shonai Fish

Epic Fish

Epic Fish

Fighting Fish

Butterfly Fish

Neon Tetra Fish

Olludian Fish

Yellow Perch

Horned Zancle

Legendary Fish

Legendary Fish

Red Lobster

Whale King

Striped King

MooMoo King

Snake King

Monkey King

Variations Across Adventure Islands

Each island has its own specificities regarding fishing. The drop rate of items during fishing varies depending on the adventure islands, adding a strategic element to this activity. Explore different waters to discover new fish!

Personal Island

Trash: 15% Treasures: 5% Fish: 50% Special Fish: 30% - Common: 60% - Rare: 28% - Epic: 10% - Legendary: 2%

Grand Line

Trash: 5% Treasures: 10% Fish: 30% Special Fish: 55% - Common: 50% - Rare: 30% - Epic: 15% - Legendary: 5%


Trash: 0% Treasures: 15% Fish: 20% Special Fish: 65% - Common: 50% - Rare: 60% - Epic: 30% - Legendary: 10%

Fishing Shop

The /fish shop menu offers players the opportunity to more easily monetize their fishing catches. The menu provides a direct selling option for all fish in the inventory, simplifying the selling process.

Fish with higher rarities are worth more, encouraging you to seek rare species.

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